Responsible Gaming

Online gaming should never be anything other than entertainment. Sometimes, however, gambling may become quite an unpleasant experience. We recognize those potential gambling threats like addiction, underage participation etc. And as a regulated, responsible and professionally built gaming platform, we take responsible gambling/gaming seriously and believe in providing a safe, secure and reliable environment to all our users.

Considering a gambling budget, monitoring the amount of time spent on gaming/ gambling, setting regular reality checks should always be encouraged to avoid compulsive gambling problem at a later stage.

We strive to protect users especially minors who are at risk of potential negative influence of gaming through

Age Verification:

Every person signing up for a new account must check a box indicating that they are of legal age. Our policy makes it perfectly clear that we do not encourage underage players.

Any underage player who has provided dishonest or inaccurate information regarding their true age may have all winnings forfeited and could also face criminal prosecution.

Identity Checks:

We take protective measures to ensure that only players of legal age participate & enter WinExch. If we ever request any personal details from you, it would be purely to verify your identity for your own protection.

If you have any identity – checks related queries, please feel free to contact us.

When does it stop being fun?

To set regular reality checks, you should consider asking yourself several questions like:

If your answer is Yes to one or more of the above questions, you should consider managing your Gameplay.

We offer few suggestions to help you out in such situation.

Seek Help:

If you find that gambling has started to affect your life and those around you negatively, you may contact us to inform your decision to stop playing for a certain period of time. We will take all protective measures to pull you out from any kind of gambling addiction. We will block your access to user account and will also make sure that you receive no promotional materials to keep your gambling urge under control.

If this doesn't help, please do not hesitate to seek further professional help.

We recommend that you visit the following websites for valuable information on the prevention of gambling addiction and support for people experiencing problems with gambling addiction: